Getting ready for the shoot


Jessica understands that you want to get the most out of your shoot and this means being prepared and knowing what to expect. This handy guide will make sure everything runs smoothly and you get great pictures to treasure forever!






1. Clean and dry

The most important thing to do to prepare your horse is make sure they are clean and dry! Giving them a good bath a few hours before the shoot will make sure their coat looks its best in the photos.


2. Mane and tail

It’s up to you whether you want your horse plaited or not. If not, you might like to give their mane a brush for a more polished look. Be sure to brush their tail as well!


3. Feet and faces

Immediately before the shoot, give your horse’s hooves a clean with a brush or damp towel. You do not need to oil their hooves — if the shoot isn’t going to be on concrete it’s best not to, otherwise the surface will stick to the oil.


Use a baby wipe or damp towel to clean their nose just before you start. 


4. Lumps and bumps

Please don’t worry if your horse gets a mystery bump or scrape the night before the shoot – even if it’s on their face! Jessica will work her magic to make sure your fur-baby is shiny and scar-free in the finished product. 




What to bring


Please bring with you:


  • A bridle or leather halter (whichever you would prefer your horse to wear in the photos);

  • A rope headstall with a long lead rope;

  • A couple of spare towels for wiping down their face and body; and

  • Lots of treats! Jessica recommends using carrots or sugar cubes.


Jessica will take care of all the photographic equipment! This includes backdrops, lights and (of course) the camera.




What to expect during the shoot


During the shoot, your job is to relax and enjoy yourself! Your horse will respond to your body language and you will get the best photos when you’re both having fun. 


Jessica will ask you to use the treats to get the horse’s attention, to turn them on different angles and stand with them in different poses if you’re going to be in the photos yourself. Don’t panic if these things take time! The shoot always runs smoothest when you work at the horse’s pace and stay relaxed. 


If there are any specific angles or poses you’d like, make sure you let Jessica know so she can be sure to get them. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask questions!




At the end of the day: keep calm!


Jessica understands you’re just wanting your horse to behave and look amazing — that’s what she wants too! She’s a very experienced horsewoman and photographer and as long as everyone is calm she will capture something great. 


Good luck with the preparation and Jessica is looking forward to seeing you at the shoot. 




When is payment due?

All invoices are due 7 days before the booking date. with 10% deposit due on booking to secure your sessions.




If I cancel, will I get my money back?


All bookings are required to pay a none refundable deposit to secure their booking, with final payment due 7 days before the booking date.

If cancellation occurs after this time, the full booking fee will be retained by Jessica Atkins Photo Art & Studio.




What if the weather is bad?


With studio shoots weather isn't an issue. If the shoot is outside, rain can add some amazing detail and atmosphere, but we can reschedule.


Can we take mounted/ridden shots?

 We do not allow the horses to be mounted in the studio or ridden for Lifestyle sessions.

Mounted shots can be discussed for Vogue & Commercial sessions

When will I receive my photos?


We always like to send a little sneak peek to our clients, but generally, you will receive your photos between 2 - 4 weeks, or 6 - 8 weeks in busy periods.

NOTE: images MUST be ordered within 3 months of the first draft.
Commercial: images will be kept no longer than 12 months from shoot date.




How many photos will I get?

We will send a gallery of all first draft edited images to pick from.

NOTE: no images will be sent in higher resolution until the final invoice is paid.

we will work with you to make sure you receive a quality product

Digital images suitable for web use & Prints are available for purchase.




Can I share my photos on social media?


Of course! The more the better! We love seeing everyone enjoy their images, and we would love to be tagged.


Vouchers can be purchased and last 12 months from purchase date.


Facebook | jessicaatkinsphoto


Instagram  |  jatkinsstudio


* Note- Only YOU are able to share and post your images if your Sponsors

would like a copy please have them contact us to Purchase.