About Jessica

Jessica Atkins is an award winning, AIPP accredited professional  

photographer. Jessica combines her love of photography and  

animals by specializing in taking artistic portraits of our equine  

and wildlife friends. 

She began combining the two loves when she was very young.  

As a child and in her teens, she would photograph anything and  

everything she could find in her grandmother's garden. 

As she grew up her love of horses only increased. She was  

fortunate enough to lease a bold and spirited Andalusian X 

dressage schoolmaster, who she learned the art of dressage 

with. He had such an incredible way of moving, and a cheeky personality, she fell even more in  love with the intrinsic beauty and form of the horse. 

Jessica studied photography at school, however her dream to make a career out of it began in  2014 when she was given her first Canon DSLR camera. She decided to become an equine  photographer because it meant she could capture on film and treasure the animals she loved for  even longer.  

(Jessica’s Footnote) 

“What you may not know about me is that I have ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and I love to  advocate for others who are also neurodiverse. This does mean however I do operate a little  differently. I find it difficult to communicate effectively over the phone, so communication is  usually done by email. My ASD is a blessing in this industry, the things that make my brain  special are an advantage when it comes to my work.” 

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” 




One of the most talented and professional photographers in Australia. Extremely professional funny and approachable. Highly recommend Jessica Atkins to capture images that will last you a lifetime.”​


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